All About Elsie!

Hi!  I’m Elsie, and I live at Cat Care, PC in Rochester Hills, MI.  I am a beautiful, black and white domestic long haired kitty (you’ve probably already guessed from my name that I am a female…. did you know that female cats are called “Queens?”).  I keep my bipedal slaves (the doctors and staff of Cat Care, PC) in line and on their toes.  My main activities are sleeping, eating, and patrolling my domain (you can read more about this in my first blog entry), but since coming to Cat Care, PC, I’ve become very interested in making sure that cats are treated as first-class “kittyzens” – with respect and compassion.

I’m a big believer in education for cats and their people.  It’s just as important for cats to get regular health care as it is for humans (and dogs, the inferior species), but a lot of people don’t realize this.  Also, a lot of bipeds find taking their kitty to the vet a stressful and often frustrating experience.  That means cats don’t get the wellness and preventative care (diet/nutrition consultations, dental care, yearly physicals, and a tailored vaccine program) they need to live the longest, happiest lives possible.  It’s always better to catch a problem early in the disease process rather than when it’s too late to do anything about it!  And since we cats are stoic beasts (if I do say so myself), we don’t often tell our slaves that we’re sick or hurting, so routine veterinary care is a must! 

As you can see, I’m very passionate about the proper care and treatment of cats, which is why I decided to start blogging.  What better way to reach out to cats and their slaves than to give them an inside look at my life?  I’m very open to suggestions for possible blogs as well as questions or comments on my previous posts.  Don’t hesitate to contact me via my blog or Facebook pages or at 248-852-2622.

My home!


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