A Cats Purpose

If you have ever shared your house with a feline friend, you would know that there is nothing quiet like it. I share my home and my career with cats and I can honestly say they bring absolute joy to my life. Sometimes, they are my stress-reliever after a bad day, or a loyal friend when someone passes away. Cats may not do tricks, although I have met a few cats that could fetch. Nothing can heal a long day better than your cat curled up on your lap.

Some cats are hero cats,  such as one cat that saved a four year-old boy who was being attacked by the neighbor’s dog and his cat ran and charged at the dog driving him away; Or the cat that woke her owner up in the middle of the night pawing at her owners face until she woke up leading her to the bathroom where the owner hear a roaring noise and found out that she had a major gas leak. There have been cats that have been able to predict and smell sickness in their owners. One cat kept pawing and meowing at the back of the owners neck every time he would be near her, and it turned out she had a cancerous mass. Thanks to the kitty, the mass was removed before it could spread. There was a cat that’s owner was having a diabetic seizure and was able to wake the owners son, so he could give her insulin before she went into a diabetic coma.

There is nothing that a mother cat won’t do for her kittens. There was a mother cat that had recently given birth and the garage she was housing her kittens in caught on fire. She rescued every kitten from the fire. She received severe burns, and she could no longer see anything after the first three kittens where rescued, but she kept going in until she knew they were all safe. She touched each kitten to make sure they were all safe before collapsing.

Cats in nature have incredible ability to hide an illness until they cannot physical hide it any longer. I have seen cat with a deep laceration on the side of his arm walking around like absolutely nothing was wrong, where any human would have been unable to use the arm due to the pain. They can endure so much and rarely try to let us know that something is wrong. If you have a cat, you know that you have more of a roommate than a pet. Cats are independent; they don’t request too much from us as long as their daily needs are met: food, water and daily litter box cleaning.

Scientists have proven that children that are exposed to cats under one year of age have less chances of having allergies, and that children raised with cats tend to have more practice at considering other peoples thoughts and feelings. This interaction with cats helps them learn about empathy. Scientists have also proven that the frequency of a cats purr can help heal bones and muscle tissues after an injury.  It has also been proven that petting a cat can lower your blood pressure and sharing your life with a cat can actually lower your risk of heart disease, even more so then going on a low sodium diet.  Cats can also help reduce your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Cats reduce anxiety and stress. Cats can even lower cholesterol and triglycerides more then use of certain medications.

So what is the exact purpose of a cat?? My conclusion is this a cats purpose is stress reliever, cuddle buddy, allergy reducer, companionship, lower depression, lower risk of stroke and heart disease, can make you live longer, less visits to the doctor, can save your life, non- judgmental and give you unconditional love!!!!


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