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Holiday Hazards

The holiday season is approaching and depending on how you choose to “Deck the Halls”, this season could lead to many hazards for your cat. There is way  to decorate your house and keep your kitty safe from harm. Below are the top holiday hazards you should avoid this holiday season.

The Christmas Tree: many cats are tempted to climb the tree and when they do, this often ends with the tree crashing to the ground, with kitty still in it! This can lead to your cat having many injuries, anywhere from a sprain to a broken leg. This occurs because Christmas tree base is no where near as stable as a tree that is rooted to the ground. The best solution is to have the Christmas tree placed in a corner, and anchored to the wall to prevent it from crashing down. Drinking chemicals that people add to the Christmas tree water can also be toxic to your cat. Common homemade preservatives that include acetaminophen or aspirin can be fatal if the cat drinks the water.

Decorations: Some such as garland or tinsel can lead to an obstruction in their intestines if ingested, also known as a foreign body obstruction. If your cat gets a foreign body obstruction, your kitty will need surgery to correct the problem. The best solution to this hazard: avoid putting tinsel, garland and ribbon on your tree.  If you have any heirloom ornaments that are breakable you may want to avoid putting them on your tree at all, or waiting to see how your kitty will react to the Christmas tree. Chewing on electrical wires, such as those inside Christmas tree lights, can lead to shocks and burns. Never leave cords in sight where your cat can easily have access to them.

Toxic Plants: Be careful which plants you decide to have around your house this holiday season. Reminder that any thing in the lily family is extremely toxic to cats. Other common holiday plants such as Star Glazer, Star Bethlehem, Eucalyptus, Jerusalem cherry, Narcissus and most plants with a bulb. The ever famous Poinsettia plant is also bad for kitties.

Candles and Potpourri Pots: Candles can lead to serious burns to your cat. If your cat bumps against a candle or knocks it over they can burn themselves, or burn the house down. Potpourri pots can burn your cat if they brush against them or if the liquid spills out. Some cats have even tried to drink the mixture which can be fatal.

Here at Cat Care we want you and your cat to have a very safe and Happy Holiday. Most importantly we want you and your kitty a very hazard free holiday.


Cat Care wants you and your kitty to have a safe and happy holiday season. Most importantly, we want you and your kitty to have a hazard free holdiay.