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Keep Your Kitty Safe This Holiday Season

You may want to think twice about how you decide to decorate your home this holiday season; it could spell disaster for you and your kitty.  Cat Care’s number one goal this holiday season is to keep every kitty safe and joyful! Here are some of the top holiday hazards to keep in mind and ways to keep your cat safe.

The Christmas tree is one of the most appealing decorations you have displayed in your home this season and no one agrees more than your cat. To your cat, the tree is the greatest gift you have ever given so of course they are going to want to climb to the top of their new gift with glee. The number one problem is this tree lacks it’s roots that keeps it from crashing to the ground; the base that is used in the home is not stable enough to handle your kitty getting in touch with their wild side; and let’s face it, there is nothing joyous about the tree falling down and your cat getting a broken leg. Now I don’t want to ruin decorating your house with a tree.  If your cat is a climber keep Christmas trees in the corner and secure the tree with hooks anchored to the wall. If you have a real Christmas tree do not allow your cat to drink the water; keep the reservoir covered. Some people use chemicals to maintain the tree’s green needles or the tree may have been chemically treated when you bought it; this could lead to anything from an upset stomach to poisoning your cat.

“Oh ornaments, how I love to break and chew on thee!” No, this is not a Christmas carol any pet owner wants to hear, but our cats are attracted to our shiny and sometimes, most precious and irreplaceable heirlooms. Tinsel is oh so shiny and sting-like and your cat can’t wait to eat it, but tinsel is extremely dangerous if ingested; it can cause an intestinal blockage which typically leads to surgery. No tree is complete without lights, but your cat can get tangled by them or worse. If your cat likes to chew on cords she can suffer from burns to her mouth and electric shock.

A blazing fireplace is a favorite way to keep the holiday festive, especially on a cold winters night; but make sure to have a proper, sturdy screen over the fireplace to keep your kitty’s fur from getting scorched. Unfortunately, lighting candles with cats present can be akin to standing out in a thunderstorm holding a metal pole, waiting for lightening to strike! Cats are curious and if left around a flickering flame unsupervised…let’s just say it’s strongly recommended to avoid that combination.

Some Christmas plants are toxic. If you plan on decorating your house with holly or mistletoe, you may want to reconsider. Both of these plants can cause extreme gastric upset. Remember to check your flower arrangements carefully, lilies are extremely toxic and fatal to cats even in minimal quantities; you should remove them from your home immediately.

Do you think your kitty is cute dressed up like Santa or Santa’s reindeer? I’ve been there too. They look so adorable and the dirty looks they give you while rocking that outfit makes them even cuter. The truth is however, cats hate it and it can be extremely stressful for them to be put in clothes. If you must dress your cat up, keep the clothes wear to a brief few minutes and pick outfits that won’t restrict their movements. Better yet, do what your cat would do, google “cats dressed up for holidays,” and sit back and have a good laugh.

However you celebrate this holiday season we want you and your kitty to have a very happy, healthy and safe holiday.