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Have a Cat-astic and Safe Halloween!

kitten holding pumpkin

It’s that time again where the leaves are changing colors and soon the streets will be filled with ghosts, goblins and monsters all shouting those famous words “Trick or Treat!” Your cat is not having a nightmare; this reality is all too real and can be a little overwhelming. Here are some great tips from Catster on how to keep your kitty safe.

Keep your cat indoors-  If you must put your cat outside don’t let them roam free or unsupervised; plan to place a harness and leash on your cat if they must go out. The extra outdoor foot traffic means there may be people who want to play a nasty trick on your kitty which can lead to serious injury or worse.

Keep candy away from kitty’s reach-  Your cat may find that individually wrapped candies make a great toy; the problem is they may chew on them and choke. Candies that contain a artificial sweetener called xylitol and chocolate are toxic to cats.

Keep your cat in one room- If you are planning on passing out candy, keep your cat confined to a bedroom (make sure you put food, water and the litter box in the room) to prevent your cat from escaping outside when you are opening your door to pass out treats.

Keep candles away from your cat- Your cat loves to jump and scale high heights but landing on a candle is an instant emergency visit.

Keep glow sticks away from your cat-  If your cat chews on a glow stick call poison control while you are on your way to the emergency clinic. The fluid in glow sticks can cause burns, kidney  and liver damage. The BEST advice is not to have them with animals in the house at all.