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Diabetic Rechecks: Back to (sort of) Normal

“The litter box has fewer clumps.”        

Crumpet was one of Cat Care's most successful diabetics!

Crumpet was one of Cat Care’s most successful diabetics!

“I’m not refilling the water bowl 5 times per day.”

“Fluffy isn’t waking me up hourly for more food.”

These are the kinds of comments we like to hear at the diabetic cat’s recheck exam. The veterinarians at Cat Care, PC will recheck the blood sugar a week after starting the insulin (see my previous post on treating the diabetic cat).  If the sugar level in the blood is still too high, they will increase Fluffy’s insulin dose gradually.  Generally the rechecks occur every 2-4 weeks initially (during the “figuring out the right dose” phase), but decrease to every few months once Fluffy’s blood sugar, weight, and drinking/urination have stabilized.  This is the time that is often most expensive because the DVMs have to titrate the dose of insulin (titrate is a fancy way of saying trial and error).

Sometimes the blood sugar is HIGHER at the first one or two rechecks, but usually Fluffy’s clinical signs (weight loss & increased thirst, urination, and appetite) are already starting to improve.  It’s also at these rechecks that you can clarify any issues you are having with the insulin (handling, injecting, storing the insulin, disposing of the insulin syringes, etc.) or any questions about diabetes in general.  Don’t forget- you can always call the licensed techs or DVMs if you have questions that can’t wait (also refer to my list of Diabetic Commandments in my last blog).

Hopefully your furry companion will never develop diabetes mellitus, but my staff at Cat Care, PC in Rochester Hills, MI is here to help if needed.