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Pretty, but Deadly, Plants in SouthEast Michigan

I’m not much of a plant muncher, but I have several friends who like to snack on the green and leafy occasionally.  Beware!  Many plants in SouthEast Michigan are toxic!  An important culprit in the spring and summer is the lily family (lilium spp. including Easter lilies and Tiger lilies or hemerocallis spp. including Day lilies).  Some flowers that are called lilies really aren’t part of the lilium or hemerocallis genera- Peace lilies are one example of a “non-lily.”  However, lilies are so toxic (causing renal failure and death in 48-96 hrs if left untreated), that it’s better to assume a plant is a member of the lily family until proven otherwise!  If you think your cat has even nibbled on a lily, contact a veterinarian immediately.  Treatment (IV fluids and supportive care) has to start within the first 24 hrs to be of any benefit.  It’s already too late if the kitty is acting sick or the kidney values have started increasing!  Check out the Poison Control Center at for more information, or contact my humans at Cat Care, PC of Rochester Hills.